Timonium, MD

Jan 28-30, 2022

Hampton, VA

February 19-20, 2022


Educate yourself of what Service Animals and Emotional Support are for and what you need to know as an individual person or business owner.

Are veterinary prescription diets the only solution? Learn how to help prevent crystals, infection, stones and kidney disease.

Learn the benefits of canine massage on your normal, healthy dog:  where, when and when NOT to massage. You will practice massage  strokes and be talked through a massage on your dog, neighbor, or stuffed animal!

Michael will be going over how important the leash really is.  A direct connection to your dog and allows multiple levels of communication when used properly.

The average life expectancy of a medium sized dog was 17 years in the 1970’s. That has decreased to 10 years. What can you do to help your pet live longer?

Do you have trouble walking your dog because he pulls on the leash? Do you want to know if your dog’s collar fits properly? Learn how your dog’s physical balance can affect her emotional balance for a happier walk for both of you. If you need help walking your dog, find out which equipment is the best for your dog’s needs. Sally will demonstrate some effective techniques with dogs from the audience.

Animals motivate and provide great therapeutic value for students and teachers in the classroom.

Learn everything about promoting breed awareness for the pit bull/bully type breed.  Learn how to fight BSL (breed specific legislation) and fight for animal rights.

Michael will be going over types of aggression seen in dogs how to help identify them and steps to working with them.

The importance of heart worm prevention and flea & tick prevention for your pets.

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