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5 Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Wouldn’t it be great if our pets could talk to us? We’d always know when they
weren’t feeling well, we could find out what they do all day while we’re at work, and
perhaps we’d feel a little less crazy when we talk to them if they could actually talk back.

Sure, we’ve seen the adorable viral videos of pets like birds and cats
making noises similar to the sound of a human voice. Unfortunately for us pet lovers,
verbal communication between people and animals is really only a “What If” scenario
that’s simply fun to imagine.

pets talk

What you’ve surely noticed as a pet owner is that domestic animals have their
own way of communicating with us. We’d wager that the majority of pet owners could honestly say
they can tell when their pet is hungry, sleepy, happy, grump, or ready for a bathroom break.

Dogs are domestic pets that are pretty good at expressing their needs and feelings
to their human companions. The species has developed perhaps the strongest ability of all animals
to form affectionate bonds with people.

Let’s take a look at how your dog says “I Love You” in his or her special way:

#1: Your dog greets you excitedly.

dog greeting owner

Does your dog run straight at you full-force when you return home after being away?
Pups often show their love by wagging their tails, jumping up and down, and giving a smothering
affection when their owners reappear after being gone for just about any period of time.

#2: Your dog senses your emotions and responds accordingly.

dog senses emotions

Ever notice your dog cuddling up extra close to you on days where you just aren’t
feeling your best? Dogs are inherently social and possess the instinct to care for their “pack.”
They recognize when you aren’t your normal self and do their best to comfort you the best way they can.

#3: Your dog forgives you.

dog shoe

Remember that time you walked in your front door after an awful day at work, tripped
over a dog toy, and shrieked at your pup? In addition to being confused, your dog probably felt bad.
Dogs pick up on our negative emotions, but just as we forgave them for chewing up our favorite pair of
shoes when they were a puppy, they forgive us back for the way we act when we’re upset.

#4: Your dog gazes into your eyes.

dog owner stare

Have you ever caught your pet staring at you? Unless you’ve got a handful of puppy treats or are causing
a commotion, your dog is likely seeking an emotional connection with you. Studies in canine cognition
have shown that when dogs make and maintain eye contact with their owners, it increases their
levels of oxytocin – the hormone that bonds parents to infants.

#5: Your dog wants to be close to you.

dog on lap

Is your pet a lap dog? Do they follow you from room to room? Some pet owners might think
this shows a dependency or a hint of separation anxiety. In truth, canine affection is
very evident in their desire to be physically close with their human companions.


Of course, every dog is different, and thus shows love and affection in different ways.
If your dog doesn’t do any of the things listed above, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.
Just as humans are capable of feeling emotions without physically expressing them, so are
our canine companions.

The best thing you can do for your pup to let them know you love them is to give them
as much of yourself as you can, whether it be through playtime, daily walks, special treats,
fun outings, or any other activity you know they enjoy.

Do you love pets?

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