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Speaker and Clinician Profiles – 2019

The most important part of the World of Pets Expo is the educational aspect, we pride ourselves in giving back to the pet and animal community by creating a forum for experts in the pet field to speak and teach our attendees.

We hand select the best and most experienced pet and animal professionals in a variety of fields and specialties. From pet massage therapists, training and behavior specialists, animal lawyers, to veterinarians and animal surgeons, there is something to interest and educate everyone. We feel as though our speakers are a cornerstone to our event and that they bring to the tables years of combined expertise and knowledge that only enhances the Pet Expo Experience.

 Skye Anderson, MS, CPDT-KA, CTDI, AKC CGC Evaluator
With two decades of dog training under her belt (minus the months deployed to Afghanistan), Skye has filled several canine niches.  They include teaching canine massage seminars and workshops, being the Red Cross Instructor-Trainer for Pet First Aid in Central Maryland, testing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program and serving as a prison puppy trainer for a service dog organization. In addition, teaching YOU to train your family dog fun tricks. She says the stress-free atmosphere of dog tricks helps enhance the human-animal bond and is just plain fun. Skye has been a clicker trainer for nearly 25 years and blogger of (mostly) dog books and products for five years at www.DogEvals.BlogSpot.com
  Rebecca Armentrout, Hawks Hollow Farm
Rebecca has being teaching in Baltimore City Public Schools for over 20 years. After a particularly difficult school year and her daughter’s autism diagnosis, she realized that she needed to come up with a healthy stress release. She decided to get back into horseback riding. She found Hawks Hollow Farm to be a safe, fun, children and family friendly place. It was an environment where her daughter with autism could safely run free and interact with animals and people. She realized the farm and the animals were giving Zoe an opportunity to interact with lots of unfamiliar people.

Rebecca decided to purchase a therapy pony for Zoe to take out into the community to help her have more opportunities to interact with strangers and to talk about her pony. She realized that many of her students would also benefit from the opportunity to spend time with animals. She then decided to create a partnership between Hawks Hollow and Lakeland Elementary /Middle. Lakeland students come out to visit the farm and animals are transported to the school for both educational and therapeutic purposes. Hawks Hollow hopes to be able to reach out to more schools and give students an opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment.

  Bill Campbell
Special Training Consultant:  Former CEO and owner of K9 Koncepts, Bill is now the special training consultant – finding the answer to special problems that clients have with their dogs. He loves being busy doing what he does best, which is working with the dogs. Just keep him busy and he is happy. Bill’s dog, Ajia, is a CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), Schutzhund 1 National Champion (2009) and Schutzhund 2. A pretty impressive resume!  
  Amanda Fuller
Founder of Keller’s Cause – As the owner of Keller, she couldn’t help but fall in love with these dogs. Amanda has dedicated all her free time to teaching the public about double merles, why they exist and how to live with a special needs dog. Amanda’s love for animals is present in all aspects of her life as she works full time as a veterinary technician. When she isn’t working, at an event educating, or working on Keller’s page, she spends all her time with Keller and Kai hiking, playing, and doing agility.  
Jesse James is known for educational and behavioral counseling to Psittacines (scientific name for all three-hundred-and-fifty species of Parrots world wild). Whether a bird bites, flees, threatens or quakes with fear; whether it’s a one-person bird or prefers one gender and/or nips at strangers, the BIRDWHISPERER can help. People watch in amazement as Jesse turns frightened, neglected, aggressive hard-to-handle birds into happy, loving pets.  www.birdwhisperer.com


 April Johnson, Head Trainer at Best Friends Fur Ever, Joppa
April Johnson was raised in an animal loving family with pets ranging from furry to feathery, to scaly and slippery. From a young age she knew that she was destined to work in the pet industry. She started in pet retail; she then went on to advance her knowledge by pursuing a career as a vet assistant. In 2010, April found her passion in life; helping build a strong bond between dogs and humans through the use of positive reinforcement as a Dog Trainer at Best Friends Fur Ever. Her vast love for the art of Dog Training has in return helped many families achieve their goals and she is looking forward to helping you understand what it takes to have a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.  
  Sage Mari, Head Trainer at Best Friends Fur Ever, Cockeysville
Sage’s love of animals started in her early childhood (from small creatures to horses) and that is her driving passion.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2012, she found her way to Best Friends Fur Ever and has never looked back!  During her career as Head Trainer, Sage has not only helped mold the company’s current training programs, but has also helped to forge a multitude of happier and healthier relationships between dogs and their owners.  She takes immense pride and pleasure in her work and is happy to share her knowledge.  
  Dori Mayer 
Before starting a business called Critter Cozy, which focuses on products related to the safety and well-being of pets, Dori has been studying a variety of healing modalities for over 10 years. She has studied advanced NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), recognized as a Reiki Master and received certification in Ama Deus. Since her initial introduction to Flower Essences, Dori has taken many training courses and studied their usage for animals. She is presently enrolled in Practitioner Training with Bach Flower Essences. Most recently, Dori became certified to teach numerous courses including Pet First Aid and CPR through PetTech. Over the years, Dori has amassed a wealth of training and experiences regarding these techniques and their applicability to animals. She continues to share that knowledge by teaching others how to leverage these and other healing modalities with the pets they love.  
  Dr. Judy Morgan 
Dr. Judy Morgan graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in 1980, received a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois in 1982 and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. She earned her certification for Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, a form of veterinary Chiropractic, in 1995 and has earned her certifications for Acupuncture and Food Therapy from the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  morgan-judy
In 2008 she traveled to China to study acupuncture and food therapy with the masters. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Southern New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture, International Veterinary Acupuncture Society, Botanical Veterinary Medical Association and American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Morgan enjoys public speaking and giving presentations at local and national continuing education venues.
  Sally Morgan, PT CST
Sally graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Natural Science Communications in 1979. She completed a Physical Therapy degree from the University of Hartford in 1997. Sally has been certified as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner since 1989 and has spent 30 years working personally with Linda Tellington-Jones. She earned certification for Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation in 1996, and in 1998 became a Reiki Master Teacher. Certified in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy in 2003, Sally became an Instructor in 2004. Sally has additional training in Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Somato Emotional Release, all of which she has been among the first to apply to animals. She is a pioneer in Equine and Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy and has been practicing and teaching this work since 1992.Sally has an extensive background in the equestrian arts, training her Morgans Ten Penny Moonshine and LHM Night Hawk to the highest levels of dressage with instruction from Olympian Lendon Gray. Sally and her Morgans rarely left the ring without earning first place in freestyle rides to music.  sally-morgan
Her stories of animal healing with Craniosacral therapy have been featured in Working Wonders and An Answer to Your Pain. Sally has presented papers at the International Beyond the Dura Conference on “The Effects of TTouch On The Craniosacral Rhythm,” and “How Animals Participate in Craniosacral Sessions.” At the first International TTouch Cell-abration, Sally presented a paper on “Understanding TTouch Through the Craniosacral System.” She was a featured speaker discussing Craniosacral Therapy for animals and her pioneering work in Vibrational Healing at the Conference for Complementary Care for Animals. Sally was the keynote speaker at the Animals in the Afterlife Conference in 2013. In her long awaited book, Dances of the Heart–Connecting With Animals, Sally shares how she learned to listen to animals with her heart in order to make deeper connections with them. Linda Tellington-Jones applauds the book saying, “This is a must-read for everyone who loves animals!”  Sally travels widely teaching Equine and Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy and TTouch courses. She has a private practice in Holistic Physical Therapy for Pets and People in Massachusetts, where she lives with her corgi Trystan.
   Shorty Rossi, Pit Boss
Keynote Speaker, Pit Bull Rescuer/Activist, Motivational Speaker, Cigar Rights Activist, Talent Manager, Cigar Blender, Author, Producer, Wine Lover, World Traveler, Cigar Lover, United 1K Member.Shorty landed his first job in show business at Universal Studios Hollywood as “Alvin” for an Alvin and the Chipmunks stage show. Since then, he has appeared in several commercials and worked on several movies such as “The Grinch” with Jim Carrey; “The Kid” with Bruce Willis; “Call Me Clause” with Whoopie Goldberg; and “ShowTime” and “Daddy Day Care” with Eddie Murphy, among others. He’s appeared on dozens of TV shows and has performed live in theatre for years. Shorty took on another huge endeavor, forming Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue, a second business which rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused pit bulls in loving, nurturing homes.
   Brenda von Rautenkranz, M.S. LCPC, NCC, EAGALA Certified, Psychotherapist
Brenda has over 30 years of professional experience in behavior and education. She is the owner of vR Growth and Learning Center, a facility dedicated to bringing horses, dogs and clients together for emotional growth and empowerment as well as Equine Corporate Team Building for companies of all sizes.

She is a certified equine specialist with over 40 years of experience and has provided services to a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations. She is a State of Maryland Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Fitness Trainer, produces and hosts her own cable show and is a motivational speaker. Throughout her career she has motivated thousands of people to gain control of their lives to inspire them to have a positive road to success.

  Leigha Schrader, Days End Farm Horse Rescue
In 2009, Leigha started volunteering at Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR), in Howard County, MD, the nationally-recognized, 58-acre facility for abused and neglected horses. At 12 years old, she had no horse experience, but a desire to learn and big goals to achieve. In 2013, she started interning under DEFHR head trainer, Sara Strauss. Under Sara’s guidance and wealth of experience, she started training and working with rescue horses. In 2016, Leigha was hired on as Assistant Horse Trainer.

Leigha has experience with starting horses, working with problem horses and she also enjoys developing horses at liberty and incorporating tricks into her training program. In addition to working under Sara Strauss, Leigha has also worked with well-regarded trainers Tara Jones, Scott Purdum and Trevor Carter. Leigha has been an active member of plan4progress (forever foundation) as a part of the Humane Society of the United States. In her current role at DEFHR, Leigha also assists with adoptions, the emergency response team and showcasing horses at shows/events. Aside from horses, Leigha graduated from the University of Maryland University College with a bachelor of science in business administration.

Meet the miniature pony, Vini. He was a neglect case from Frederick County and arrived at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue in April 2018, but look at him now! He bows, lays down, walks up a mounting block and loves liberty work. Vini will do a demo on Sunday at 2pm, so come show him some love!”

  Monica Taylor
Since Monica was a little girl she always had a strong passion for animals. As she grew older she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. However, the day her family lost their dog Mickey, she realized emotionally she could not handle the difficult decisions veterinarians have to make. Her father mentioned becoming a dog groomer instead once she graduated from high school.

During the summer of 2007 she began working for Pet Smart. She was trained to become a Professional Pet Stylist over the next 7 years. In 2014, she decided to take the leap and start her own grooming business. She grew her business exponentially through being knowledgeable, personable, dependable and innovative while tending to their precious furry babies.

In July 2018, she and her husband started instructing dog training courses, pet sitting, boarding, dog walking and an online pet products store. She has also been hired as the pet grooming instructor for Harford Community College for the spring of 2019.



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