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Speaker & Clinician Profiles – 2019

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The most important part of the World of Pets Expo is the educational aspect, we pride ourselves in giving back to the pet and animal community by creating a forum for experts in the pet field to speak and teach our attendees.

We hand select the best and most experienced pet and animal professionals in a variety of fields and specialties. From pet massage therapists, training and behavior specialists, animal lawyers, to veterinarians and animal surgeons, there is something to interest and educate everyone. We feel as though our speakers are a cornerstone to our event and that they bring to the tables years of combined expertise and knowledge that only enhances the Pet Expo Experience.

 Jamie Blinn, DVM
Dr. Blinn graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M Veterinary School in 2007. She completed her training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine with the Chi Institute in the  spring of 2015 and Advanced Equine Acupuncture training with Chi Europe in the spring of 2018. Her  business, On Point Veterinary Acupuncture based in Williamsburg, VA is a mobile practice specializing exclusively in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. When she’s not working, Dr.  Blinn enjoys hiking and being outside with her husband, five children and her dog Fritz.
 Ladean Gordon, CFMG, Purrocious Styles Feline Designs
LaDean is a graduate of the National Cat Groomers Institute(NCGI), the only feline grooming school of its kind in the world. The NCGI requires its groomers to pass a series of rigorous written and practical exams that specialize in the unique needs of felines, including the America Red Cross Feline first aid/CPR certification, Health and Anatomy, Colors and Genetics, Breeds, Temperament assessments and many other feline-related subjects. In 2016 she attended Ivs San Bernard, earning her certificate in the Science of Skin adding to her knowledge base for keeping your cats skin and coat in the healthiest condition possible. In 2018, LaDean went on to complete her certification with Pet Emergency in feline CPR/First Aid, making her dual certified in the skill, as well as completing her Fear Free certification with Fear Free Pets, becoming the very first Fear Free certified groomer in Hampton Roads.With over 25 years of experience combined with her extensive training, LaDean has clients from as far away as North Carolina and Maryland. Her services help owners ensure the happiest cleanest lives for their feline family members. After all, a clean cat is a happy cat!
Her salon has won multiple awards, including the Three Best-Rated award of excellence as well as three gold Coastal Virginia Readers’ Choice peninsula awards for best pet grooming, peninsula silver for best small business, and peninsula silver for best green/environmental business. She offers the highest quality groom possible for felines in Hampton Roads with a “by appointment only” location in Yorktown. It’s not only cat-centric, but it also has a strict no dogs allowed policy, making this grooming salon a truly unique setting to help facilitate a relaxed and attentive environment that any cat owner can appreciate.
Dezarai Gordon, CFMG

Dezarai is a graduate of the National Cat Groomers Institute (NCGI). In the same graduating class as her mother LaDean, she passed all of her written and practical exams with a high proficiency ensuring that the quality and care your cat gets at Purrocious is maintained to the highest standards by both groomers at our Salon. In 2018, Dezarai also passed her certifications with Pet Pet Emergency in feline CPR/First Aid as well as completing her Fear Free certification with Fear Free Pets, becoming the second Fear Free certified groomer in Hampton Roads.
With over 6 years’ experience combined with her training and knowledge, she helps enhance the lives of our clients feline family members by providing professional grooming services that help owners and their cats lives cleaner and easier.


Jesse James is known for educational and behavioral counseling to Psittacines (scientific name for all three-hundred-and-fifty species of Parrots world wild). Whether a bird bites, flees, threatens or quakes with fear; whether it’s a one-person bird or prefers one gender and/or nips at strangers, the BIRDWHISPERER can help. People watch in amazement as Jesse turns frightened, neglected, aggressive hard-to-handle birds into happy, loving pets.  www.birdwhisperer.com


  Dori Mayer
Before starting a business called Critter Cozy, which focuses on products related to the safety and well-being of pets, Dori has been studying a variety of healing modalities for over 10 years. She has studied advanced NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), recognized as a Reiki Master and received certification in Ama Deus. Since her initial introduction to Flower Essences, Dori has taken many training courses and studied their usage for animals. She is presently enrolled in Practitioner Training with Bach Flower Essences. Most recently, Dori became certified to teach numerous courses including Pet First Aid and CPR through PetTech. Over the years, Dori has amassed a wealth of training and experiences regarding these techniques and their applicability to animals. She continues to share that knowledge by teaching others how to leverage these and other healing modalities with the pets they love.  
  Shorty Rossi, Pit Boss
Keynote Speaker, Pit Bull Rescuer/Activist, Motivational Speaker, Cigar Rights Activist, Talent Manager, Cigar Blender, Author, Producer, Wine Lover, World Traveler, Cigar Lover, United 1K Member.Shorty landed his first job in show business at Universal Studios Hollywood as “Alvin” for an Alvin and the Chipmunks stage show. Since then, he has appeared in several commercials and worked on several movies such as “The Grinch” with Jim Carrey; “The Kid” with Bruce Willis; “Call Me Clause” with Whoopie Goldberg; and “ShowTime” and “Daddy Day Care” with Eddie Murphy, among others. He’s appeared on dozens of TV shows and has performed live in theatre for years. Shorty took on another huge endeavor, forming Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue, a second business which rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused pit bulls in loving, nurturing homes.

Shorty’s Rescue is not a shelter or a charity; its employees work tirelessly to help relieve the suffering of and prevent cruelty to pit bulls through education and activism. Through positive pit bull involvement in the community, Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue influences a healthy/much-deserved reputation for the breed.

Shorty has currently been on tour for the past 3 years promoting breed awareness, fighting BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), fighting for Animal Rights, Spay and Neuter clinics, promoting his book “Four Feet Tall and Rising,” Motivational and Keynote speaking and promoting his cigar line. His tour has already brought him to almost every state in the USA, all over Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Argentina. Next year (2016), he already is booked for 38 tour dates.

 Billy the Kidden Rescue –  Co-Executive Directors’ Becca Ostman and Emilie Jackson
BTKR is a 501c3 Non-Profit, VA Inc., led by Co-Executive Directors’ Becca Ostman and Emilie Jackson.

They TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, Vaccinate, and Release or Relocate) feral cats and rescue and socialize feral kittens for domestic adoption. Their goal is to open a large feral sanctuary and adoption center with our own vet.  Founded in 2013 by Ostman, BTKR is now the largest foster-home based rescue on the East Coast. They are proud of their Trapping Army for TNR work, Foster Army with 65+ families, a volunteer-staffed public kittery at Pups n Stuff in VB and adoption partnerships with the Catnip Cat Cafe in Norfolk and Petsmart.

They appreciate physical donations of feral cat traps, transfer cages, 42” and 48” wire dog crates, KMR kitten milk, cat and kitten food, fleece, toys, litter, beds, towels, cat trees, and other cat items.

 Merrimac Dog Training Club
The Merrimac Dog Training Club was founded in 1947 as a not-for-profit volunteer organization geared toward community service. They still promote the original goals of creating a stronger bond of companionship between people and their dogs, of raising awareness of the responsibilities of dog ownership and of helping all to achieve that sense of pride that comes from a well trained dog.

Merrimac is an AKC licensed club on the Virginia Peninsula that offers obedience, agility, rally and conformation handling classes and holds AKC obedience and agility trials. They offer classes at levels ranging from puppies to competition.

 The Merrimac Dog Training Club


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