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Virginia Expo

Program Descriptions

One of the most fun and exciting reasons to attend The World of Pets Expo and Educational Experience is the unique array of animal entertainers and shows. Almost all of our entertainment is free with admission, so for less than the price of a movie ticket you’ll get to experience pet entertainment that will excite you, amaze you and make you laugh!

We encourage families to bring their children and well socialized pets to the Expo, our entertainment is suitable for everyone ages 1 to 100. There is something that everyone can enjoy, from pet comedians, displays of extreme agility, hands on animal experiences, cats, mice and gerbil shows and even a parade of dog breeds. There is enough to do to fill your entire day with exciting animal and pet themed entertainment.

Johnny Peers, Muttville Comix

jpeersSit! Stay! Get ready to howl! Johnny Peers and his personality-plus canines are coming to tickle your funny bone! A Ringling Brothers Clown College graduate, Johnny Peers has been working with dogs since he got his first puppy, Freckles, a Beagle mix, from the Humane Society in 1972. Since their 1980 debut, the Muttville Comix have appeared on David Letterman, Primetime Live and Circus of the Stars, and at Disneyland, Busch Gardens, the Big Apple Circus, the Royal Hanneford Circus, even The White House!

A show for the whole family and the dog lover in all of us, the show stars mostly dogs rescued from shelters or pounds, like Daphne, the world’s only skateboarding Basset Hound; Squeaky, the ladder climbing Fox Terrier; Mr. Pepe, who only responds to commands in Spanish; and Sir Winston, the Pointer mix who only answers to “Sir.” The 2003 Animal Planet Pet Star Winners, the Providence Journal-Bulletin calls the show, “…a truly funny, slapstick dog act.”


Since 2001, DockDogs® has been entertaining spectators with the most talented, high-flying canine athletes in the World. DockDogs® is the largest and most diversified presenter of dock diving Dog Performance Sports and showcases its tremendous product in all 50 states, Canada, throughout the UK, Japan and Australia. With three different disciplines and five separate competitions, any and all competitors are welcome to participate and DockDogs® welcomes all different size, shape and breeds.

Showcased on ABC, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel and Animal Planet, DockDogs® has found its way into the homes and hearts of millions and is currently the fastest growing sport on four legs.

Come watch nonstop action as DockDogs® compete in Wave after Wave of events, with finals on Sunday. Perhaps you have a toy driven dog that loves to jump into the water. If you are interested to see if your dog could be a DockDog too, please visit their booth.  Reservations are Required.

Big Air Wave – The Long Jump for Dogs and the most popular of the three disciplines. The dog has up to 40’ of dock to build up speed and jump as far as they can. Distance is measured where the tail meets the body.

Extreme Vertical Wave – The High Jump for Dogs. The dog is allowed 20’ of the dock to run and jump for the bumper, which is hung 8’ away from the dock at a height starting at 5’.

Speed Retrieve Wave – The Sprint for Dogs. They run 20’ down the dock, jump big, and swim as fast as they can to grab the duck while being timed.

IJA Dog Grooming Competition

To Standardize and Promote Fair and Equitable Placement of Contestants in Professional Dog Grooming Competitions, Agreed Upon and Accepted by a Panel of  Three or More IJA Judges

Established in 1998 by Vivian and John Nash, world known pet industry speakers, grooming competition judges and owners of the Nash Academy, the dog grooming school with an international reputation for excellence in the art of training bathers, groomers and stylists.

It was the quest for a panel system of judging, a system for training judges, including continued educational programs, and the need to standardize judging and ring procedures, that motivated two industry icons, Vivian and John Nash, to create the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competition.

The International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions offers a Professional Division and a Pet Lovers Division to create a place for everyone in the IJA Competition Arena.

The Professional Division is designed to score, rank, evaluate and qualify stylists around the world to compete in state, regional, national and world competitions.  Competitors receive a score, certification title and rank of a Level 1 Novice, Level 2 Master, Level 3 Expert or Level 4 Specialists in coat type categories.

The Pet Lovers Division mimics the Professional Division with the same policies and procedures and is designed for local organizations to utilize the IJA to oversee their contests. The Pet Lovers Division is designed to create an environment to encourage all pet lovers to experience the thrill of competing with man’s best friend.


Shorty Rossi, Pit Boss

Shorty will give a presentation each day in the Main Arena on various animal rights issues, spay and neuter programs, breed awareness.  Shorty will also be on site all weekend long to interact with our attendees.  Stop by his booth near the Main Arena for a Meet & Greet.

Goliath – The Amazing Rottweiler

Goliath is a 5 year old who loves to collect his favorite toys, in fact he knows them all by name. He retrieves his toys, tools , sportsitems, food and many other miscellaneous objects. Goliath is trained by his owner, Bill Troiano.  They perform at many events in the Mid Atlantic region.  Goliath and his owner made a television appearance on the local Channel 6 news last April.



Expo Bird Education Area

Brought to you by our partnership with Peninsula Caged Bird Society

Founded in July 1983 to bring together those interested in exotic caged birds for education, friendship and mutual assistance in proper care, latest aviary management techniques and health alerts, for involvement in state and national aviculture, pet industry, veterinary, aviculture and conservation research. PCBS is a working part of Bird Clubs of Virginia

cat-agility-2016Cat Agility Demos

You’ve all heard about dog agility competitions and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs whip through the obstacle courses with determination and speed. It’s amazing how they can climb up and down those high steps and race through those weave pole areas with such ease and speed. Now, can you actually imagine a cat lowering its dignity enough to do that? But, of course! Cats are definitely trainable and most are willing to follow a feather or dangling toy anywhere!

Feline agility competitions are rapidly growing in popularity at cat shows around the world. CFA started planning agility competitions late in 2004 and numerous clubs have jumped at the chance to set up an agility course at their cat shows. Exhibitors are standing in line to put their cat through its paces. And spectators are just loving it!

Come see these demos all weekend long and give it a try with some really spectacular agility cats!

Parade of Breeds

langley-kcWatch, listen and learn as AKC, All-American and Rare Breeds are escorted through the arena. These narrated parades, presented by “groups” will highlight the various aspects of each breed. Participate in the parade of breeds with your canine! Sign up here: LMgriffi@aol.com

More info to come!

Presented by the Langley Kennel Club:

Langley Kennel Club is committed to the sport of dogs And educating owners and breeders in the Hampton Roads area. The club and our members share the common interest of responsible dog ownership and community orientated activities with dogs.

We are an AKC Member Club and welcome all with an interest and love of dogs.

Works to publicly promote responsible dog ownership, providing educational materials and brochures covering topics such as training, caring for your dog in summer or winter weather, Canine Good Citizen Program, Spay & Neuter and many other topics.

Works to encourage and promote the ethical breeding of pure bred dogs in order to maintain or improve their natural qualities.

Pledges to do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of pure bred dogs and to encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows, trials and matches.

Will conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows, trials and exhibitions under the rules of the American Kennel Club. And welcomes the All American Dog to compete in Obedience, Rally and Agility competitions.


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