Timonium, MD

January 24-26, 2020

Hampton, VA

February 21-23, 2020


Educate yourself of what Service Animals and Emotional Support are for and what you need to know as an individual person or business owner.

What exactly is “leadership” and how is that different from “dominance”when it comes to your pets? The difference between the two and effective communication with your animal companions.

Learn 15 tricks for a title using positive reinforcement with clickers to mark the trick, treats to reward it. Start with Sit, Down, Touch; then Spin, Paws Up and Say Your Prayers, even Commando Crawl. Rover’s brilliance will astound you. He may even kiss you and start jumping through hoops! Remember, it’s all tricks!

8 working dog spots available at $10 each, additional fee to apply for the title; room for about 50 auditors at no charge. skyebird48@hotmail.com

Kids & Horses – Bring the kids to participate in educational and fun games to learn about interacting with and caring for horses.

Are vegan diets a good idea for dogs and cats?

How do you know if you have the right equipment to walk your dog happily and comfortably? Are you doing long term physical damage to your dog with the equipment you have? Learn how to cope with pulling dogs, what you should know about leaving collars on full time and how to choose the equipment for joyful walks with your dog at any age.  Sally will be happy to work with one or two pulling dogs to demonstrate some effective techniques and harnesses.

Service Animals vs. Therapy Pets for individuals on the Autism Spectrum or with other Disabilities

Learn everything about promoting breed awareness for the pit bull/bully type breed. Learn how to fight BSL (breed specific legislation) and fight for animal rights.

Beginning the Journey of Training and Bonding With Your Dog

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