Timonium, MD

Jan 27-29, 2023


Virginia Expo

Special Attractions 

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We are happy to offer special areas and attractions for all pet owners and guests attending the World of Pets Expo. Each of the following will have it’s own special “World of” attraction area located on the floor and will feature select breeds and species on display as well as a library of educational materials for you to take home. Located at each of our “World of” areas will be knowledgeable staff members who are ready and able to answer all of your specific pet and breed questions.

Dog Lovers Days’ Lure Course

How do you satisfy your dog’s high-energy inner instincts? Lure Coursing may be the perfect answer! It’s an exciting way for him to do what comes naturally, but in a safe, controlled environment. Dogs chase a mechanized lure around a course that simulates the unpredictability of chasing live prey. Zig-zagging across an open arena is simply heaven for these dogs! At the same time, it helps improve their focus, agility and sportsmanship.

There is a Fee of $10.00 per dog to run the course.

World of Reptiles

Is a reptile the right pet for you?  Come see many species and learn from the experts. Make an informed decision and find out what is needed to keep your new pet comfortable and healthy.   Available all three days of the event.


  • Reptile Experts and Educators
  • Educational displays and materials
  • Reptiles and supplies offered for sale

Bird Education Area

All things feathered can be found here.  If you have feathered friends at home, you won’t want to miss stopping by the World of Birds area!  Open to guests all three days of the event.


  • Rare and Exotic Birds on display
  • Educational Materials
  • Hands on Bird Experts – Peninsula Caged Bird Society

Cat Agility Demonstrations

Feline agility competitions are rapidly growing in popularity at cat shows around the world.

 Interactive Demos all day!  Give it a try with a trained agility cat and an expert teacher.


Dog Agility Demonstrations & Testing

Merrimac Dog Training Club will offer agility demos and give you a chance to try it with your dog. Is your dog an agility dog?  Find out if you would like to compete in this sport with your dog.

Cat Health &  Grooming Center

Stop by our Question & Answer area to learn about your cats health. See demos of professional grooming throughout the day.  Demos may include:

Proper combing techniques for cats along with the right combs to do it efficiently, nail trims offered for a donation to Heritage Humane Society. How to get your feline used to nail trims.  Learn to do a dental exam to look for gum and teeth issues. How to give a cat medication.  How to examine the ear and what issues to look for.

Pet Adoption

There will be adoptable pets at the Expo with animal rescues.  Give a pet a new forever home.

Petting Zoo$2 additional fee

Pony Rides$5 additional fee


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