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Jan 27-29, 2023


Virginia Expo

World Of Pets Special Attractions

We are happy to offer special areas and attractions for all pet owners and guests attending the Maryland World of Pets Expo. Each of the following will have it’s own special “World of” attraction area located on the floor and will feature select breeds and species on display as well as a library of educational materials for you to take home. Located at each of our “World of” areas will be knowledgeable staff members who are ready and able to answer all of your specific pet and breed questions.

If you are curious about a specific breed or are considering a new type of pet, this is an excellent resource for you to gather materials and ask questions before making that important decision.

World of Cats

For the Cat lovers, the World of Cats area of the Maryland Expo is designed to provide you with everything you need to learn more about your cats, their breed, and cat behavior and health. The World of Cats area is sponsored by the Hidden Paw Cat Club and is home to the annual ACFA Cat Show, one of our largest attractions.

World of Cats is Available Saturday and Sunday and features:

  • Breeds on Display
  • ACFA Cat Show
  • Fun Ring Cat Contest
  • Cat Adoption Events
  • Cat Experts and Educators


World of Birds

All things feathered can be found at the World of Birds area of the Maryland World of Pets Expo. On site will be bird experts from the Baltimore Bird Fanciers & Ruffled Feathers Sanctuary, they are there to answer your bird related questions and concerns. If you have feathered friends at home, you won’t want to miss stopping by the World of Birds area, which is open to guests all three days of the event.

World of Birds is Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and features:

  • Rare and Exotic Birds on Display
  • Educational Materials
  • Hands on Bird Experts

world of birds

World of Reptiles

Scales and tails! This exotic and interactive experience is one of our most popular attractions, especially for curious children. When you enter the World of Reptiles, it’s like taking a trip to the exotic areas of the rain forest and other parts of the world. You’ll be able to take in reptiles from across the globe, learn about our wild friends, and even get to interact with snakes and more… if you dare! The World of Reptiles has an additional entry charge of $1.

World of Reptiles is Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and Features:

  • Reptile Experts and Educators
  • Educational Displays and materials
  • An Interactive Rain Forest Experience
  • Extreme Reptiles on Display
  • Exotic Snakes From All Over the World

world of reptiles

Other Special Attractions

In addition to the “World of” attractions, you won’t want to miss these specially designed activities and experiences for every animal enthusiast:

dog agilityAKC Dog Agility Trials

Located in the South Hall, you’ll find 2 rings of excitement all weekend long. You don’t have to be a dog person to enjoy and appreciate the amazing displays of agility at this attraction.

Agility is a sporting event for dogs that is designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. The dogs must be in peak physical condition, have excellent concentration, training, and teamwork abilities. There is a large obstacle course that the dog and owner must negotiate while racing the clock.

Canine Good Citizen Testing

Both Saturday and Sunday the AKC will be administering Canine Good Citizen training and testing. Sign up at the CGC area or simply observe for free. This ten step test requires both the dog and handler to exhibit responsible public behavior. It is fun and exciting to watch as dogs take part in difficult trials to remain calm, follow direction in stressful situations, and navigate owner-less scenarios in order to gain the title of a Canine Good Citizen.

dsc04509aAmerican Gerbil Society: Gerbil Show

The Gerbil event is exciting for all animal lovers and features educational materials on Friday and a full Gerbil Show on Saturday. Gerbils from across the United States will be judged on color and temperament. Much like a dog or cat show, judges will sort through many gerbils and select the winners for each class.

Also included are Gerbil Competitions among the participants. Who will win this years title of fastest wheel runner, best maze runner, or fastest toilet paper roll chewer? You’ll have to attend to find out!

The American Gerbil Society staff will also be available to answer your Gerbil related questions and will have educational materials for you to take home.

Click here to learn more.

East Coast Fancy Mice Breeders Show

Great things often come in small packages. This is true for the World of Pets East Coast Fancy Mouse Show. These won’t be your average pet store mice – some of the best fancy mice from the United States will make their way to the Maryland State Fairgrounds to be judged and awarded best in class. Like any dog or cat show, there will be mice awarded best in show, best opposite sex, and best opposite age.

We encourage you to stop by on Friday and interact with the mouse professionals and the mice themselves. Don’t miss your chance to pet and hold a fancy mouse! In addition to interaction there will be experts on hand from the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association to take and answer your questions.

Click here to learn more.

Pet Health & Training Center

Stop by our Question and Answer area to learn how easy it is to cook healthy meals for you and your pets. There will be hands on live cooking demonstrations throughout the day. The meals are so healthy you’ll want to share them with your pet. You can also get training and behavioral questions answered here as well. Booths 812, 813, and 814.

Adoption Events

There will be multiple adoption events taking place in different areas of the Expo.

Petting Zoo

Included in the price of admission is our extensive animal petting zoo. Don’t forget to give your kids a chance to pet and hold all of the animals!


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