Timonium, MD

Jan 27-29, 2023


Virginia Expo

You won’t want to miss the chance to view and possibly participate in the Feline Agility Demonstration at this year’s Virginia World of Pets Expo and Educational Experience. If you thought that cats weren’t trainable-Think again! The Cat Fanciers Association will be conducting cat agility demonstrations all weekend that will be interactive for attendees, try your hand at navigating a professional agility feline around the agility course!

What is Feline Agility?

It’s new! It’s exciting! And, OK, we’ll admit it can also be pretty funny to watch, too! Some cats take to the course like a duck to water, and have it down pat when it comes to running through tunnels and jumping through hoops. Others, though, seem to be more curious about the course, and will thoroughly inspect each obstacle before even thinking about tackling it. And then there are those competing cats who think the idea is to put their owners through the course paces, and give the humans a really good work-out while trying to coax them out of a tunnel or over a jump. Course completion times can vary between a few seconds to 15 minutes, depending upon the curiosity level of the cat participant.

For more information on the CFA Feline Agility Competition or to learn how you and your cat can begin agility training visit agility.CFA.org today!


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